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LISZT, Un Sospiro Concert Étude No. 3

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Valentina Lisitsa, piano


Translated from Italian as "The sigh" ( not Liszt' original title by the way ) this is an aural painting  the seascape equal to the masterpieces of Turner or Aivazovsky ... So clearly you can "see" the gently rolling waves, smell the salty breeze, marvel at first glimpses of majestic sunrise at the very end., all in a perfect solitude.....Why in the world this gorgeous Nocturne is called an ETUDE? Did old man Liszt decided to joke with us? No, he certainly knew what he was doing! This piece is the best proof that technique, yes, that elusive thing so many aspiring pianists are desperately trying to conquer , the "technique" is nothing but physiological function of the body, just as natural a thing as breathing or walking. If you let your soul, your imagination, your ears lead the way, the fingers will come along. 

Recorded November 2012 in the medieval church of beautiful village of Blumenstein Switzerland, Bosendorfer imperial from
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